5 Safety Measures To Avoid Car Theft

5 Safety Measures To Avoid Car Theft

Driving a rental car on the fast-paced roads in Dubai is a common dream. However, it’s crucial to maintain the car secure from thefts in order to avoid any unnecessary costs. . Here are a few safety tips for your Dubai rental cars.

Simple Ways To Prevent Theft From Your Rental Car

Dubai is a beautiful city that offers a wide range of opportunities to locals and visitors alike. In the UAE, reputable car rental companies provide a wide range of car rental options. Tourists can also rent SUVs in Dubai for a simple and hassle-free journey with less documentation and at a reasonable rental price.

1. Select a Secure Parking Space

You must take the utmost care to keep your car secure in the parking lot. Find the licensed and properly supervised parking spaces in your neighborhood where your car can be left safely for a lot longer. Remote areas shouldn’t be used for unattended car parking under any circumstances. Never leave expensive valuables in your car if you don’t want to draw attention to it.

2. Make sure about the GPS Tracking Device

Before renting a car, you must verify that it has the necessary GPS tracking system. This specific device will use a number of technologies to assist you track your car at all times. In order to prevent car theft, you can ask your rental car service provider to install a GPS Tracker if one isn’t currently installed in the car.

3. When you leave, be careful to lock it

Always lock the doors, windows, and sunroof before leaving the car in a parking space or even other open field. It will be tempting to keep the vehicle’s windows open for a while during the hot summers to prevent scorching the interiors, but it is better to make sure the front and back doors are all securely locked.

4. Get in Touch With Your Rental Company

Since rental car plans vary from business to company, it is usually advisable to be informed about their insurance policy guidelines. The rental agreement will contain all the information, from the return policy to the insurance coverage, before you rent a car for a short-term or long-term. To learn more about the insurance coverage, request a briefing from your rental business.

5. What Would Happen If The Rental Car Was Stolen?

In the awful situation of a car theft, you should report it right away. Second, preserve copies of all the car rental records and other relevant documentation readily available for the investigators to use when conducting their enquiries. The inquiry will be assisted by a comprehensive record of all the details and facts. Your cooperation is both strongly recommended and needed for the police to recognize the rental car as a stolen property.