Cadillac Set to expand its Electric SUV lineup – Escalade IQL


Cadillac is set to expand its electric SUV lineup with the introduction of a new, longer version of the Escalade, named the Escalade iQL. Announced at the 2024 Chicago Auto Show, this upcoming addition promises to be the largest model yet in the luxury automaker’s portfolio. Expected to make its debut sometime this year, the Escalade iQL will follow the release of the standard Escalade iQ, which is already impressing with its size and electric capabilities.

The Escalade iQ, with its 224.3-inch length and 136.2-inch wheelbase, is nearly as long as the traditional gas-powered Escalade ESV. The iQL version aims to surpass these dimensions, offering even more space and luxury. Although specific details about the iQL’s design and features are yet to be disclosed, it’s anticipated to mirror the premium qualities of the ESV model, with enhancements to accommodate the electric platform.

As we await more information on the Cadillac Escalade iQL, anticipation grows for what could be a game-changer in the full-size luxury SUV segment. Stay tuned for updates on this colossal electric SUV that promises to combine Cadillac’s signature luxury with the benefits of electric driving.

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