You must Follow Lane Discipline to avoid getting Huge Fines in Dubai

You must Follow Lane Discipline to avoid getting Huge Fines in Dubai

One of the foremost annoying (and dangerous) driver behaviors is swerving your car into another lane without using the side indicators. albeit you’re maintaining a secure distance between other cars on the road. For the security and consideration of other drivers, it’s important to drive within the white markings (lane) i.e. lane discipline.

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“Failure of a light Motor vehicle to abide by lane discipline” may be a traffic violation in Dubai. you’ll get a RTA fine of AED 400. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional if you straddle into another lane without listening (keeping safe distance from other vehicles) and intimating other drivers (by using the side indicators).

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Falling in need of lane discipline is that the leading explanation for road accidents and large RTA fines within the UAE. It’s also one among the highest reasons of failing RTA driving tests by new drivers. Bad lane discipline is typically caused by poor observation, inattentiveness, or reckless driving. It’s important to stay your calm while driving, we explain why lane discipline is critical for drivers in Dubai.

Lane discipline is particularly important as long as the UAE has such a high percentage of expats who have varied driving experiences from across the planet . Below are our top tips to follow to remain on track:

Overtake from the left side only

Ensure to always overtake from the left within the UAE. Unlike other countries, road traffic moves on the road’s right side within the UAE. Hence when it involves multiple lanes, vehicles move faster on the next lanes to your left. So you want to overtake on the left side unless you’re already on the left most lane.

Avoid cutting lanes

If you’re approaching a traffic signal , make certain to urge into the right lane incase you’re getting to take a turn at an intersection. It prevents you from cutting through moving traffic. While most drivers are courteous if you employ the indications , it can cause a fine by Dubai Police. Avoid lane-cutting especially during rush hours. While it’s going to be tempting and straightforward getaway from patiently following the herd, it’s rather dangerous and a small dash could lead on to tons of your time wasted, to not mention the red slip and traffic fine.

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Shoulder check before Changing Lanes

One of the foremost important lessons taught in school is that the correct thanks to switch lanes. Before switching, check all three mirrors, activate the side indicator and do a fast shoulder check. Should checks are blind spots within the side mirrors of your car rental . Once the lane seems clear for you to vary , confirm you turn on your signal to talk to the drivers behind you. Sudden breaks and lane changes are often frightening for several drivers, whether new or experienced, because the experience isn’t very pleasant. Make it a habit to point out on your signal whenever you plan on changing lanes.

Roundabout Dubai Roads

Roundabout Rules

When entering a roundabout, it’s imperative to first identify the right lane and make certain to see its availability. As you may have learnt in school, those who need to leave quickly should use the outer lanes (on the right) (through the right). When a driver fails to stay in the right lane or makes a hurried exit, it is one of the main causes of accidents at roundabouts.

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Brace for the winding roads

Dubai, among other emirates, is notorious for developing a barrage of road bends, curving highways and twisting turns. It’s important to watch the assigned road regulation while driving down such curves. Lane discipline is significant for your safety which of other drivers around you. Traffic cameras are installed across the emirates that monitor traffic 24×7 so always be at your best behavior on the road.