Mercedes Benz S650 Maybach 2020

Maybach s650 Rental Dubai

Mercedes Benz S650 Maybach 2020

1500 AEDper day
Free Fuel & Salik

It’s not a truly divine driving experience if you don’t take a minute and cruise in a spectacular luxury car. The one vehicle that can bring you joy and enhance your confidence can be found here at Wall Street Dubai. Meet the outstanding Mercedes Benz s650 Maybach. If you think you’ve experienced driving to the fullest, then prepare to be amazed! What this vehicle can do will have you dazzled and begging for more. Not to mention the elegant and classy style it brings to the streets of Dubai. There’s no doubt that a modern city like this calls for an exotic vehicle like the Mercedes.

  • V12
  • 4 Door – 4 Seat
  • 4 Baggage
  • 250 Km / Per Day
  • Free Delivery

What to Expect?

Prepare for fame and overloaded attention because this remarkable vehicle comes with a price. You’ll need to get used to being mistaken for a celebrity. Dubai is the place where most celebrities spend their vacations. Therefore, luxury cars are usually their go-to rentals when they want to drive around the city. Good luck with all that additional fame!

The specs on this beauty will blow your mind. From substantial engine power to amazing torque control and suspension, this car is a dream come true. Dominate and achieve greatness when driving a divine vehicle like the one we offer at Wall Street Dubai.

A Mercedes Benz from Wall Street Dubai

Our fleet is a delight to gaze at, nerveless to purchase and drive. Take a look at our vast collection of luxury cars at amazing prices. Rent our precious Mercedes Benz s650 Maybach today and live up to the expectation of living in Dubai. You can give us a call whenever you feel like we are always ready to supply you with a car rental. You can also browse our website and book your rental online with just a few simple steps. Let Wall Street Dubai be your guiding light to a luxury life.