Lamborghini URUS 2022

Lamborghini Urus rental in Dubai, Lamborghini Urus for rent in Dubai by Wall Street Luxury car rental

Lamborghini URUS 2022

3500 AEDPer Day
Free Fuel & Salik

With the unmatched engine, speed, and driving features, Urus draws a new position in the luxury sector. Additionally, it boasts an unparalleled design that is both luxurious and useful.

A spectacular Sports SUV

The Lamborghini Urus 2022 for rent in Dubai works at its utmost all terrain capability, with a spectacular sports car dynamic that the driver and passengers can adore. From the ground up, Lamborghini designed this SUV to be a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Similarly, the outside of Urus is stylish and sporty. The Y-shaped and hexagonal design clearly shows the Urus’s identity. Also, the front hood has a prominent peak, while the rear hood has crossing lines. As a result, the Lamborghini Urus delivers both a relaxing highway ride and a thrilling off-road experience.

  • V8
  • 4 Door – 5 Seat
  • 4 Baggage
  • 250 Km / Per Day
  • Free Delivery

Hire the New Lamborghini Urus 2022

Lamborghini Urus rental prices in Dubai start at 4,200 AED. The Lamborghini Urus combines the SUV’s adaptability with the dynamic characteristics of a Lamborghini. One of the many Lamborghini Rental Dubai vehicles we have available for rental is this opulent 4X4.

In addition, it has a powerful engine, a sleek design, and five luxurious seats. Furthermore, it offers an SUV’s best driving dynamics ever. This lovely treasure is available for rental through our firm. Rent a Lamborghini Urus as soon as possible in Dubai to get fresh thrills. Contact us for booking and enquiries