Ford Mustang 2021

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang 2021

699 AEDPer Day
Free Fuel & Salik

A car that offers something for everyone. Ford Mustang is an icon on the roads. It has beautiful bodywork, vast personalization options, and a practical interior. The 4 seated Ford Mustang is your perfect option if you need sporty everyday transportation. It is comfy for an excellent road trip with a family or friends group. Ford Mustang also has the most interior storage space among rivals. An evolutionary design and practical full functions make Ford Mustang the perfect choice for various needs.

  • V4 Twin Turbo
  • 2 Door – 4 Seat
  • 2 Baggage
  • 250 Km / Per Day
  • Free Delivery

Let’s dive into the details

If you want to know what is unique about Ford Mustang? It will definitely be the optional high-performance package that adds a more melodic and responsive EcoBoost engine derived from the defunct Ford Focus RS. The car’s engine is a 460-hp V-8 with an optional active exhaust. Ford Mustang has a standard six-speed manual transmission or a 10-speed automatic that makes the Mustang quicker than before.

The interior design is beautiful and practical just like the car’s performance. Ford Mustang has premium features such as heated and cooled front seats to provide you with the most comfortable fancy experience. The back seat can be stowed by pulling a strap and it folds easily by hand to create more storage space that can hold up to 12 carry-on bags.

Fords’ infotainment system has a clean design and a simple interface. It comes with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a kickin’ stereo. The Mustang is available with a Wi-Fi hotspot. Ford Mustang can also be controlled and monitored through a smartphone app.

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