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Major Reasons for Traffic Fines in Dubai

Residents and visitors who intend to rent a car in Dubai should be aware of all the regulations and potential issues they must avoid.
You Must Be Aware of All these Seven Fines Before Renting a Car in Dubai.

1. Speed Limit Violation

For both you and those around you, overspeeding is highly dangerous. Be careful of the 60 mph limit and don’t exceed it. Even though it varies based on the route, always be aware of it. For violating the speed limit, a fine of up to 3000 AED, 12 black points, and vehicle confiscation may be imposed.

2. Usage of Mobile Devices while driving

Using mobile phone could lead to serious accidents that risk everyone’s lives. If caught using a phone while driving, you will be fined 200 AED and given four black points.

3. Red Light Violation

A safe driving environment is ensured by traffic lights. Ignoring traffic signals can lead to accidents on the road and traffic delays. There should never be a violation of these rules. Red light violations are punishable by a 1000 AED fine, car confiscation, and twelve black points.

4. Wrong Parking

In the United Arab Emirates, parking rules are rather tight. You must be cautious when parking your car and be aware of any no-parking zones. If you park in a no-parking zone, a lane designated only for wheelchair-accessible ambulances, or a spot close to a fire exhaust, you could be subject to a fine of up to AED 1000 and you’ll also get 6 black points for it.

5. Driving Being Intoxicated

Driving while intoxicated is risky and can cause problems for other drivers who are following the rules of the road. It might put both your life and the lives of other drivers in danger. If actually convicted, a driver faces license termination, a fine imposed by the court (up to 25,000 AED), and 24 black points.

6. Throwing trash on roads

Throwing trash on the road is not only unethical but also against the law. This causes pollutants and is bad for the environment. Even passengers and pedestrians may be fined if actually convicted. A maximum fine of 500 AED and four black points are both applicable.


No matter where you are, driving is essential but should always be done safely. You must follow the rules for the safety of your family, other drivers, and yourself. The purpose of these steep penalties and regulations is not to burden people, but to instill vigilance and accountability in them. You can trust Wall Street Luxury Car Rental Dubai for vehicles that are recognized and approved if you’ve read up on the rules and punishments and are ready to rent a car in Dubai.